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winter fitness holiday

Winter fitness holiday? In Europe? Are you mad?!

When people think of a winter fitness holiday they’ll almost certainly dismiss Europe as a potential destination. It’s too cold. It’s a summer place only. The only winter fitness holiday available will be snow sports….


The Active Retreat hosts a winter fitness holiday every year, because our retreat is based in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. It’s a year-round destination with sunshine even into the depths of winter. When the rest of Europe is buried under a blanket of snow/ice/frost/water/dark (delete as appropriate!), we’re out there surfing, cycling, sprinting up dunes, doing outdoor circuit training and winding up the day with a yoga class!

Fuerteventura is in line with the Sahara Desert, so it stays warm all year round. The pictures above are from retreats hosted in November 2017 and October 2018 – that’s the kind of weather to expect on OUR winter fitness holidays!

The beauty of a winter fitness holiday is that it’s the perfect chance to escape the grips of winter. You can take yourself away from the cold and the dark and indulge yourself with a few days physical and mental TLC. Many of our guests use our winter fitness holiday as a chance to break up the winter and give themselves a little boost before Christmas. They return home having exercised well, eaten well, slept well and gotten themselves a nice little tan! What’s not to love!

A Physical and Mental Recharge

The purpose of the Active Retreat is to serve as a physical and mental recharge. The whole experience is designed with that in mind – from the villa, to the activities and the food. The entire experience is supposed to be stress free. We’ve taken many of the common stress points of a holiday and removed them, so you can ensure that your time with us will be spend in the most relaxed fashion possible.

  • Stressed about airport transfers? Don’t be – we take you to and from the airport.
  • Stressed about food? Don’t be – we feed you every breakfast and 5 evening meals.
  • Stressed about the classes? Don’t be – they’re scaled for ability.
  • Stressed about navigating your way around? Don’t be – we take you to places.
  • Stressed about being too sociable? Don’t be – there’s no pressure to do anything.
  • Stressed about the weather? Don’t be – there’s an official 13 days rain PER YEAR on the island!

There are 12 activities in the week on the island, so you can decide what you’re going to do. If you don’t want to do a particular class, don’t worry – you don’t have to! Nobody is going to beat down your door if you don’t want to take part in a particular class. You’re under no pressure here. It’s a holiday, we’re just providing you with the opportunity to get fit whilst you’re here with us.

The food is a mixture of dishes. The breakfasts are light and healthy. Lunch is usually picked up when we’re out and about, and the evening meals are a mixture of meat and vegetable dishes. We do a BBQ on one of the nights using a lot of the local ingredients to make a tasty feast for all of our guests…

winter fitness holiday

Our job is to hep you relax…

First and foremost, we provide you with an environment to be comfortable. The villa is a private one, located on the outskirts of a small village called Lajares. We do our circuit classes and yoga classes at the villa. The gardens are large and contain hammocks, sun loungers and beds to relax in. There’s a plunge pool to help you keep cool if the sun gets a bit too much (yes, it even happens in winter). You are welcome to stay at the villa all day if you like – many people do.

We head down to the beach most days as well. It’s almost impossible to be stressed on the beach, so we ensure we head to the many beautiful beaches that surround the villa. We’re in a perfect location, centrally situated at the north end of Fuerteventura. We’re 10-15 minutes from drive from all of the coast, which includes countless miles of stunning beaches, some of which has charming towns next to them where you can eat a nice local lunch.

Unlike many other Canary Islands, Fuerteventura has golden sand, rather than the black sand on other islands. The ocean that surrounds the island is the warm Atlantic Ocean, which is crystal clear and full of tropical fish. If you love the water, you certainly won’t be disappointed by Fuerteventura!

As you walk along the beach having done some exercise in the morning, you’ll feel amazing and will have to remind yourself that you’re on a winter fitness holiday – it’s a total escape from the real world, where life runs at 1,000 mph.

When is your winter fitness holiday 2020?

The Active Retreat winter date is 7th – 14th November 2020. We have space for 5 more guests at the time of writing, but these places will sell out, so if you’re interested in a winter fitness holiday with us, get in touch on In the meantime, feel free to look around the rest of our website to learn more about the Active Retreat, who we are and what we do!

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