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The ultimate fitness holiday is a subjective thing because we’re all so different, but what essential ingredients would you throw into the mix if you were going to design the best fitness holiday you could? Essentially that’s what we did with the Active Retreat – we threw a whole load of ideas into the mix and ended up with the best fitness holiday we could.

Having tried and tested the formula for 4 years, the format for the Active Retreat is a result of the tweaks and changes we’ve made, the partnerships we’ve formed and the relationships we have with people. It’s honestly the best fitness holiday available on the European market.

Here’s the reasons why The Active Retreat is the best fitness holiday around…

The Most Varied Exercise

A fitness holiday should combine all the elements of fitness, not just a select few. With that in mind, our fitness holiday has a wide range of activities to make sure we train different elements of fitness. We do resistance training with our circuit classes, we do cardio training on our bike ride, we do HIIT work with our dune sprints, we do flexibility work with our yoga classes and we do core strength work with our abs and Pilates classes.

A lot of fitness retreats only offer one type of exercise. We want to be different, so we lead from the front. At the Active Retreat we’re combining a wide variety of activities to make sure you leave us feeling absolutely fantastic!

The Most Fun Activities

What’s the point of going on a fitness holiday and simply repeating the exercise you do at home? There’s no fun in that, so we like to mix things up for our guests by making the exercise both challenging and interesting.

You may ride your bike a lot when you’re at home, but do you ride it to a volcano, then hike up it? Do you then ride it downhill along a 5 mile off-road track with barely a car to be seen? Then do you ride along a coastal path with incredible views? Thought not…

You may do sprint work at home, but do you do sprint up a 40 m sand dune made from a natural deposit of Sahara Desert sand, in the glorious sunshine? Thought not…

You may do yoga at home, but do you do yoga in a warm outside courtyard as the sun goes down on another fun-filled day? Thought not…

Fitness Holiday

Plenty of Down Time – Even on a Fitness Holiday!

True health and fitness is a mixture of exercise, healthy food and plenty of rest, relaxation and sleep. On the Active Retreat our villa is a private one, located on the outskirts of a surf village called Lajares. It’s very quiet, there’s no light pollution and there’s plenty of room to stretch out. Of course you can head to bed if you’d like a nap, but equally there are hammocks, sun loungers and cushions dotted all around the garden. If you’re in need of a little shut eye, go for it.

Personally, I like to use the hammock to do a little writing work whilst I’m there…

relaxing hammock

Interestingly, a lot of our guests are over-worked and highly stressed. When they come to us, many of them spend much of the first day sleeping and recovering from work before they throw themselves into exercise and activities! It’s how a fitness holiday should run.

Fantastic, Healthy Food

On a fitness holiday, it’s important to get the balance right. Our approach to nutrition is this – we eat healthy, nutritious food at the retreat and then when we’re out and about, anything you fancy is on the table! We tweak our menu depending on what the day has in store, so on days when we have a long exercise session (such as the bike ride), we make sure you’re well fed and fuelled for the exercise ahead. On days when it’s easier, such as a yoga day, we reduce the calories a little so you can have some balance.

healthy holiday food

It’s not a dictatorship either by the way – you can buy as many snacks etc as you want. Feel free to indulge yourself, you’re on holiday, not in prison!

Relaxed Atmosphere

We’re a fitness holiday, not a bootcamp. If you’re after a military-style beasting, don’t come to us – our approach is you’re free to choose what you want to do. There are 12 classes and activities in the week, so if you do them all you’ll be training VERY hard. If you fancy a morning off though, feel free – nobody is going to come beating down your door. That’s just not what we do. The exercise and activity is balanced, so a tough morning is followed by an easy afternoon etc. There’s also a mid-week rest day that allows you to recover.

It’s a sociable place, so we do an activity in the morning, head out during the day, do another activity in the afternoon. We then eat and then go out for a drink most evenings. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that’s designed to cater for everyone. No pressure to do anything, so if you’re tired and fancy a night in, go for it. If you want to head out, that’s cool too. `You can largely keep yourself to yourself if that’s what you prefer!

villa pool

Amazing Weather is Key for an Outdoor Fitness Holiday

In the times when we do the retreat (April and November), Fuerteventura has an average temperature range of 25-30 degrees. It barely rains (officially the island has 13 wet days per year) and in the evenings the temperature will drop to the high teens. The saying on the island is that “if it isn’t sunny now, it will be later”.

A fitness holiday is always more fun if the weather is nice – it means we can get out and about easier, we don’t have to worry about the rain, the snow or the ice. We can guarantee beach days, we can guarantee the ocean will be warm and we can guarantee that if you want to, you’ll head home with a tan!

Quiet Times

We specifically pick April and November for our fitness holidays because they’re quiet times of the year – the weather is still great and it’s away from the summer rush. You won’t be struggling for space on the beach or service in a bar. Our villa is in a place called Lajares, which is a small surf village in the middle of the north of the island. It has a few cool bars, nice places to eat and interesting shops. It’s the kind of place you can enjoy a quiet lunch and evening meal, or you could go to another bar and listen to a live band!

The villa itself is on the outskirts of the village – about 5 minutes walk into the centre. Close enough for it to be on our doorstep, far enough for it to be quiet. The perfect mix!

Great Prices for a Fitness Holiday!

The Active Retreat isn’t just the best fitness holiday on the market, it’s also the best value fitness holiday in Europe! So many rival retreats are two or even three times the price of ours. We manage to keep the prices down because…

  1. We picked a place that’s cheap to get to (average return flight from the UK is around £150).
  2. We run the retreat out of the school holidays.
  3. We aren’t greedy!

Included in the price is every activity you do whilst ton the retreat, transfers to and from the airport, 6 breakfasts and 5 evening meals and transport around the island. We have a variety of rooms, so you can find something that suits your price range.

Get in Touch!

If you’re interested in a fitness holiday and the Active Retreat sounds right for you, feel free to email me on for more information. You can also look through the website for more information on the holiday itself.

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