The Active Retreat is the BEST Value Fitness Retreat You’ll Take!

best value fitness retreat

If you can forgive the boast, let me tell you why the Active Retreat is the best value fitness retreat you’ll take. I can say this with some confidence, because I’ve been in the fitness retreat business for a while now. I’ve gone on fitness retreats as a guest, I’ve conducted market research and I own a fitness retreat business. Over the years I’ve refined the offering and can now with some confidence say that the Active Retreat is the best value fitness retreat you’ll take.

On a fitness retreat you have different considerations – first and foremost are your guests and their experiences. Where will they stay? What will they do? How will you transport them? How will you communicate with them? At the Active Retreat we put our guests first, because nothing ruins a fitness retreat faster than a bad guest experience.

Then you’ve got your activities to consider – have you picked the right ones? Are they interesting enough? Are they challenging enough? Are they varied enough? Do they showcase enough of the location where you host your fitness retreat? We are a multi-disciplinary fitness retreat, so if all of our activities were the same kind of exercise, it’d be boring.

You’ve got accommodation considerations – is your accommodation suitable? Is it big enough? Can you train there? Do you have garden space? Is the kitchen adequate? Is it clean enough? What are the bedrooms like? Can you offer variety? Are there both a private and social areas for guests to stay in?

What about price? Can you price it reasonably enough, where you still make money but you don’t charge your guests an absolute fortune? Do you have flight cost considerations?

Timing can be an issue – what’s the weather like when you want to host the fitness retreat? Are you able to move dates to improve weather conditions? Do you have backup alternative plans in case of bad weather?

The Active Retreat is all about value…

Right back at the start of my fitness retreat business idea I’d spoken to a personal training client of mine who had been on a retreat. She’d paid nearly £3000 for a fitness week in the home counties (I won’t name the retreat – I’m not like that). What was marketed as a health and fitness break was actually a fasting and walking break. They were fed a powdered soup mix twice per day and the ‘exercise’ was a walk around the (admittedly extensive) gardens.

That was it. Nearly £3000! I bet the organisers were laughing all the way to the bank!

I wanted to put together the kind of fitness retreat that was fun, affordable and gave the guests a great time. It was never about making lots of money – there are far easier ways to make money than running fitness retreats, I can assure you! The value of the fitness retreat is far more important to me than the profit. Of course, we all like to make money, but our approach is one where we’d rather have a full, reasonably priced retreat than an expensive but empty one.

best value fitness retreat

My challenge was to put together a great value fitness retreat – one that could cost guests less than £1000 and they’d be fed, watered and provided with a week of fun, laugher and a complete physical and mental reboot.

We did it.

Active Retreat Prices….

For as little as £650 our guests enjoy 7 breakfasts, 5 evening meals, up to 14 classes, transfers to and from the airport, transport to every activity we do and accommodation in a private villa. You won’t find a better value fitness retreat than that, I can assure you!

It’s not just the price, it’s the overall package that represents the value. The fact that you don’t have to work about finding your way to us, finding your way to the activities, having to figure out where everything is, how to decide what to do every day etc. We take care of all of that for you, so your stress levels can fall right from the start!

From the minute you arrive, to the minute you leave us, we want your experience at the Active Retreat to be a great one.

… And when you reflect on how much fun you had for such a small amount of money, we hope you go right ahead and book again for the next one, like a few of our guests do!

Would you like to find out more about the Active Retreat?

The Active Retreat winter date is 7th – 14th November 2020. We have space for 2 more guests at the time of writing, but these places will sell out, so if you’re interested in a winter fitness holiday with us, get in touch on In the meantime, feel free to look around the rest of our website to learn more about the Active Retreat, who we are and what we do!

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