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As owners of the Active Retreat, we (Steve and Simon) want to keep our fitness holiday product evolving – we want to stay ahead of the competition and offer the best value health and fitness holiday on the market. We already believe that our blend of diverse workouts, great food and private villa is a winning formula, but we want to progress and get better all the time. One way is to add new activities to our fitness holiday.

We have to be careful when we expand our activity range. We already combine resistance training, cardio training, HIIT, yoga, cycling, surfing etc, but a fitness holiday in the Canary Islands blessed with so many options, but some of them just aren’t suitable for us and our guests. There are a few exceptions that are just fantastic, so we’re going to share a couple of ideas for new activities that we’ve had for our November 2020 retreat.

New Activities for Consideration

On our fitness holiday we try to make the most of the ocean – it’s crystal clear, warm and full of fish. We spend a lot of our downtime on the beach, but we’ve also given some thought to using it for exercise beyond the surfing and SUP lessons we do. Swimming isn’t really group-friendly and not much fun, so that’s out of the question. Kayaking however, is a big possibility. It’s a way to explore areas of the island people wouldn’t normally get to see.

Our fitness holiday isn’t all about hard work though – on the Active Retreat we value the holiday element as much as the exercise element, so we ensure we have a great time relaxing too, so we’ve thought about how we can upgrade our resting!

One of the new activities options is the inclusion of a day boat trip to Lobos, where we can enjoy a day on the boat, having a light lunch as we take in the views and relax in the sunshine. We’ve even got the option to do some snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding whilst we’re over there. Having done SUP around the coast of Lobos, I’d be excited to do it again – the water there is so blue, so warm and so inviting that falling off the SUP is actually a pleasure!

We’ve done SUP at Lobos before, but that was a pure SUP experience and not the snorkelling, SUP and relaxation mix. The boat trip would be very different this time!

new activities
The view as you approach Lobos on the boat…

Lobos is incredibly quiet, which makes it the perfect place for a rest and recovery day. There’s usually a few other boats around, but nobody lives on the island and there are hundreds of coves dotted around the island, so we’d easily find plenty of space to rest and relax without disturbance. The boats also throw in a few drinks on the way home, so we’d be able to enjoy a few sunny drinks as well. How’s that for relaxation on a fitness holiday?

As we say – we train hard, but we rest properly as well!

stand up paddle boarding lobos, new activities
The guys on the winter 2017 retreat resting on Lobos during their SUP day there…

Kayaking around Fuerteventura…

We like the sound of kayaking as well – it’s a way to cover a lot of distance in a day, it’s a great workout and it’s a way for us to explore new parts of the island. We’ve sourced a fully insured instructor who can take care of all the teaching and equipment requirements. It’d be an interesting addition to the fitness holiday line up and would also make us even more unique in a market place where many of our competitors copy what we offer on a fitness holiday.

We pride ourselves on scaling our workouts to suit all abilities and kayaking would be perfect for this – it’s suitable for people of all abilities, you don’t need to be crazy fit and it’s a relatively easy skill to get a hang of. That being said, if you are much fitter then you can also get a great workout out of it, not to mention enjoy seeing an amazing island from a unique vantage point!

We’re going to refresh the activity line up this year with one or more new activities… so watch this space!

Want to learn more about the Active Retreat?

The Active Retreat winter date is 7th – 14th November 2020. We have space for 2 more guests at the time of writing, but these places will sell out, so if you’re interested in a winter fitness holiday with us, get in touch on In the meantime, feel free to look around the rest of our website to learn more about the Active Retreat, who we are and what we do!

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