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fitness holiday

One of the things we’re most proud of with the Active Retreat is that it’s more than just a fitness holiday. When you picture a fitness holiday you think of non-stop exercise, lengths of a pool, early nights, long hours in the saddle or miles and miles of running. That’s a world away from our version of a fitness holiday.

Of course on our fitness holiday you have the opportunity to do a lot of exercise – we offer 12 classes per week. What we do differently though is we use nature as our gym. In our minds, there’s no point of going somewhere warm, sunny and full of outdoor exercise opportunities to stay inside and do exercise you could do at home. There’s no variety in that!

We also temper the exercise with relaxation and downtime. So, when I say that the Active Retreat is more than just a fitness holiday, I want to share with you why we can say that with confidence….

We head to the beach…

One of the brilliant things about hosting a fitness holiday on Fuerteventura is that we are blessed with hundreds of amazing beaches in really close proximity. A few minutes in the car and we can be on one of a huge number of stunning coves, inlets, beaches or cliff tops. Here’s a snapshot of El Cotillo, a few minutes away from the Active Retreat villa…

Fitness Holiday
atlantic ocean

The villa is in a great location…

All work and no play isn’t much fun. On our fitness holiday we generally split the training into the morning and evenings, so (with the exception of two days) we have all of the day free to ourselves. In our local village, Lajares, there is a mixture of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops to keep us interested. We usually head into the village for supplies in the morning and a couple of sociable beers in the evening…

Fitness Holiday

We attract like-minded people on a Fitness Holiday…

Typically speaking, if you’re interested in a fitness holiday, you’re likely to be the kind of people we love to have at our retreat. We find most of our guests are friendly, sociable and interesting people who have come on a fitness holiday to relax, have fun and enjoy a good time with people quite like them. We don’t have a ‘typical’ guest – the youngest we’ve had is 14, the oldest is 79! What binds us is a sense of fun and adventure, coupled with the enthusiasm to have a great time!

Fitness Holiday
Fitness Holiday

We eat REALLY well for a Fitness Holiday!

If you’re worried that by going on a fitness holiday all you’ll eat is salad, well let me put your mind at ease! Yes, we cook everything from fresh and yes, we eat a lot of vegetables, but it certainly isn’t boring food! If you come to the Active Retreat, you’ll be fed very well, you’ll enjoy a variety of foods and you certainly won’t spend your time with us dreading the meals! We do things as we’d like them to be done!

Take a look at the kind of food we eat…

Fitness Holiday

Finally, we have a LOT of FUN!

At the end of the day, it’s a holiday – that’s what we make it. At the Active Retreat we make it our business to ensure you have a great time. We all work hard, so the little bit of time that we get to ourselves, we want to enjoy. It’s our job to make sure that when you leave us, you’ve had more than just a fitness holiday – we want you to have had a great time, met new friends and made memories that will last you a lifetime….

Get in Touch!

If you’re interested in a fitness holiday and the Active Retreat sounds right for you, feel free to email me on for more information. You can also look through the website for more information on the holiday itself.

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