Returning to Fuerteventura Post Coronavirus – The Active Retreat Plan…


Like all Fuerteventura travel businesses, we are keeping a close eye on the situation with Coronavirus and what that means for the travel industry in Fuerteventura. We obviously had to cancel the April Active Retreat and refunded all of our guests, but the big question is regarding the future – when can we go again?

We’ve set a date for our next Active Retreat of 7th November to 14th November 2020.

We’re in constant contact with friends and associates on Fuerteventura, keeping abreast of the ongoing Coronavirus situation and what it means for the next Active Retreat. Our fitness holiday offering is one that means we are out and about, so a lockdown certainly doesn’t work for us! The good news is that Fuerteventura (and Spain more widely) is reducing its lockdown ahead of us here in the UK, so we should be fine for our next retreat in November.

Re-Opening Fuerteventura Post Coronavirus…

We have been informed that there’s a two-phase re-opening plan for Fuerteventura at present, which should see the entire island opened by early October. According to the plan the initial opening of Fuerteventura to inter-Canarian travel will begin in the summer (June/July at present).

Our retreat in November should be absolutely fine. The early reports from some of the airlines are that commercial flights should be resuming in some fashion by June, so November is a long way on from then.

The reality is that on Fuerteventura they were basically untouched by Coronavirus – patient numbers were less than 50 and there were no fatalities. The problem isn’t on the island, it’s with the people they let in from other countries with higher infection numbers. That’s completely understandable.

Having taken advice from a number of different sources, we moved our winter Active Retreat to November 7th. The feeling is that by this time the infection will be fully under control and all of the hotels, bars and restaurants on the island will be re-opened again. Life on the island should have returned back to normal and we should be able to run the Active Retreat as we like to – with a sense of adventure, travel and activity mixed with days on the beach and drinks in the evenings.

We’ll be taking all necessary steps to combat Coronavirus, including extra hand washing, bacterial gels etc.

Of course we will continue to monitor the situation as we go, but as things stand we are looking forward to welcoming our guests to the Active Retreat on November 7th 2020 – we’ll deserve it after the year we’ve had!

Want to book on the Winter Active Retreat?

The Active Retreat winter date is 7th – 14th November 2020. We have space for 5 more guests at the time of writing, but these places will sell out, so if you’re interested in a winter fitness holiday with us, get in touch on In the meantime, feel free to look around the rest of our website to learn more about the Active Retreat, who we are and what we do!

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