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If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, why not consider a fitness retreat in the Canary Islands?

The Active Retreat is a twice-yearly fitness retreat in Fuerteventura, where we combine traditional exercise with yoga, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Dune Sprints, great food, Stand Up Paddleboarding and so much more. If you want a fitness holiday that doesn’t involve doing the same old activity again and again, we could be just the things for you.

The Active Retreat sits in a unique position in the fitness retreat world. There are yoga retreats, walking retreats, cycling retreats etc, but not many who do what we do – offer a comprehensive package of different workout styles int he same fitness retreat.

From our private villa in the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura to be precise), we run twice-daily sessions. The timetable is designed to mix high intensity workouts with lower intensity sessions, meaning that although you’re training up to 12 times in a week, the workouts are balanced enough that you can cope.

Here’s what I mean…

If your morning is a tough circuit session, your evening will be yoga or stretching. If your morning is an abs workouts, your evening may be due sprints. If your day is a 40km mountain bike ride, your evening will be in the pub!

Exercise on Holiday? Are you CRAZY?!

No! Here’s why…

A lot of us love to exercise. We also love to have a few drinks and eat plenty of food. If we can combine all of the great things about exercise (makes you look and feel great, improves your mood, freshens your mind, keeps you lean) with the great parts of a holiday (sun, sea, beaches, great laugh, great food and drink) you’ve got a match made in heaven!

The point of the Active Retreat isn’t a super-serious bootcamp where you are screamed and shouted at every day. It’s a mixture of varied exercise and the fun of a holiday. We work hard, we play hard. Most nights we’ll have a drink. A couple of nights we’ll go out for a proper night out. We’ll eat great food, we’ll laugh, we’ll experience new things. A fitness holiday like the Active Retreat isn’t for the serious trainers amongst us – it’s for those who want to enjoy a holiday but do some great exercise when we’re there.

Fitness Retreat in the Canary Islands

So many people go on holiday and feel like crap when they come home, because they’ve done nothing but eat too much and drink loads when they’re away. Sounds great… until none of your clothes fit and you can’t walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath.

By coming on our fitness retreat in the Canary Islands you’ll still have a drink, you’ll still eat plenty of food and you’ll still enjoy the best bits of a holiday, but you’ll balance it out with exercise and activity. It means you’ll still look and feel great and won’t spend the few weeks after coming home feeling like a walrus and wishing you hadn’t eaten and drunk so much.

What Kind of Exercise Will I do on the Active Retreat?

That’s the beauty of our fitness retreat in the Canary Islands – we mix it up! You’ll experience different kinds of exercise, for different reasons.

We mix resistance training, yoga, surfing, cycling, hiking, dune running, stand up paddle boarding and others to make sure you have a super effective but enjoyable daily mixture of exercise. Most of us won’t go off for a 42km off-road bike ride across a coastal path, nor will we sprint up 40m high sand dunes. We won’t go surfing in the warm Atlantic Ocean in November either, or do yoga outdoors as the sun sets. These are experiences we can offer on our fitness retreat in the Canary Islands, giving you the fitness retreat you wished for.

Fitness Retreat in the Canary Islands

Fuerteventura is the warmest of the Canary Islands, with an average November temperature of around 25 degrees. It’s also incredibly sunny, with an average of 13 days rainfall per year. The landscape is perfect for us to host a fitness retreat and we make sure that where possible, we use nature as our gym. Our attitude is that we can train indoors all year round – when we’re in the sunshine on a fitness retreat in the Canary Islands, we have to make the most of it and use the terrain around us.

Why do incline sprints on a treadmill when you can do incline sprints up a sand dune?! Why swim in a pool when you can swim in the Atlantic Ocean with tropical fish? Why ride in a spin class when you can ride along the North Shore of Fuerteventura? It’s exercise, but with an upgrade!

Fitness Retreat in the Canary Islands

What’s Great About the Canary Islands for Fitness Retreats?

Where do we start? The Canary Islands are perfect for fitness retreats – with a world full of options, why did we choose to host the Active Retreat in Fuerteventura?

The year round-great climate makes it fantastic for a fitness retreat. We tend to run one in April and one in November. We do these times for five main reasons…

  1. It extends the summer – if you come on a retreat in April or November, your summer has either started early or finished later. Get a tan before the summer or get rid of your winter blues!
  2. It’s out of the peak times. We can offer you a week of sunshine before or after the busy tourist season. Enjoy the sunshine without being crammed onto a beach or struggling to get served in a bar!
  3. The weather is fantastic. In the peak of the summer the temperatures can be around 40 degrees – that’s way too hot. If we do it in April and November we get 23-30 degrees. Beach weather, but still OK for exercise.
  4. It’s cheap to get to! If you book in advance you can get a return ticket to Fuerteventura for as little as £50. Average price is around £130 return.
  5. It’s a great kickstart to health. The April retreat is a great way to kick off your summer training and the November one is a way to help you off-set the damage over Christmas!

Alongside the climate, there’s a fantastic natural gym to take advantage of. We do dune sprints up on the Corralejo sand dunes – imagine the worst hill sprints you’ve ever done… these are tougher than that!

The Atlantic Ocean is crystal clear and a lovely, warm temperature. We use that for our surfing lessons and our Stand Up Paddleboarding day. When we’re on the beach, it’s a perfect place to go swimming, which is a fun way to burn extra calories – you can spend hours in the water just looking at the tropical fish that swim just a few metres off shore.

The roads are really quiet and there’s an interesting off-road track that runs the length of the North Shore of the island. It’s a way to have an excellent cardio workout whilst taking in the sights of the island – on the way you’ll get to see some of the best surf sports in Europe, with incredible waves rolling in, completely undisturbed on their way from the mid Atlantic.

The Canary Islands are much cheaper to eat and drink on than mainland Spain as well. We feed you on the Active Retreat, but most nights we head out for a drink. A couple of nights in the week we head out for a meal. Most places are very reasonable – far cheaper than at home. You also get the benefit of being on holiday…!

How do I Sign Up?

If the Active Retreat tickles your fancy and you think you’d be up for our fitness retreat on the Canary Islands, send an email to and I can tell you more about it. Meanwhile, if you want to see more about the villa, learn more about our rooms, our prices and our activities, feel free to browse the website for more information.

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