Fitness Holiday in Europe 2020

fitness holiday in Europe

If you’re looking for a fitness holiday in Europe 2020, why not join us on the Active Retreat in Fuerteventura? Our date for the 2020 winter season has been set at 7th November to the 14th of November, where we’ll enjoy our usual mixture of varied exercise, fantastic food, a whole load of fun and the experience of a lifetime. This isn’t any old fitness holiday in Europe – this is the Active Retreat. We do things a little differently!

By combining a unique mix of exercise into our week, you can round of this topsy-turvy year with a fitness holiday in Europe. The location for the Active Retreat is perfect for a winter fitness holiday, because even in November the island of Fuerteventura will have temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees – the perfect temperature. Warm enough to head to the beach, but comfortable enough to exercise in.

End the Year with a Fitness Holiday in Europe!

A fitness holiday in Europe is the best way to round off 2020. You’ve probably had your training interrupted, so what better way to treat yourself at the end of the year than a healthy holiday in the sunshine? With 12 classes across the week, with healthy food and a LOT of fun thrown in, the Active Retreat is the fitness holiday in Europe you’ve been looking for.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we mix the fun with the fitness and we enjoy a drink most nights. We’re inclusive, we’re open to anyone who is enthusiastic and wants to enjoy a fitness holiday in Europe with like-minded people. We have rooms to suit all budgets and all of your classes, your transfers and most of your meals are included in the price quoted on our pricing page.

Most fitness holidays in Europe 2020 have been cancelled, or the prices have been jacked up to make up for lost revenue throughout the year – NOT US! We had to cancel our April retreat, but we are able to go ahead as planned for our November Active Retreat. What’s even better is that OUR PRICES REMAIN THE SAME! We only run twice per year, so we don’t miss out on lost revenue. Our business hasn’t really lost out on revenue, so we don’t need to price jack.

Isn’t it too cold for a Holiday in Europe in November?

In most places, yes! Not where we are though – we run our fitness holiday in Fuerteventura. The Canary Islands have year-round sun and our November 2020 fitness holiday will have temperatures of around 25 degrees. We can say this with some certainty – we’ve run them in November since 2016 and we’ve had only 1 day of rain across all of the November fitness holidays we’ve run!

Officially Fuerteventura only has 13 days of rain PER YEAR so we’d be pretty unlucky if one of them landed on our fitness holiday week. With any fitness holiday in Europe you can never be sure, but we can make a pretty good guess that it’ll be fine. We can be sure of one thing though – if you want to come to the Active Retreat and head home with a tan, you’ll be able to do it. Even if there’s a bit of cloud cover in the morning, you’ll be sure that there’ll be plenty of sun throughout the rest of the day. It never lets us down!

What activities are there on a Fitness Holiday in Europe?

The beauty of being in Fuerteventura is that we have a lot of options for our fitness activities. We mix things up by using the local environment to supplement the circuit training we do at the villa. Here’s a snapshot of our activities in the gallery… circuits, yoga, dune sprint HIIT, cycling, hiking, stand up paddleboarding and the like…

You won’t find a fitness holiday in Europe with more activities, more fun and better accommodation anywhere near the same price point. We’re experts at this – we’ve been hosting fitness holidays in Europe since 2016, so we’ve tried and tested the formula. We’ve mixed things up, we’ve changed them around and we’ve found an approach that provides the perfect mix of exercise, fun, great food and relaxation. The whole package you’re looking for from a fitness holiday in Europe in 2020.

With the year being one of stress, interruption and general chaos, why not give yourself something to look forward to in 2020 by booking on the Active Retreat, the best value and most fun fitness holiday in Europe. We’d love to welcome you as another guest!

I want to come along – what do I do next?

Simple – if the Active Retreat sounds right up your street, why not get in touch via where I can tell you more about the fitness holiday. There’s a room for every budget and an activity for every taste! By all means, feel free to look around the rest of the website where you’ll be able to read all about us, what we do and how we do it. Any questions you may have will be answered in our FAQ’s section.

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