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fitness holiday fuerteventura

If you’re looking for a fitness holiday in Fuerteventura with like-minded people, look no further than the Active Retreat.

Hosted twice per year in a private villa, the Active Retreat is a fitness holiday with a difference. Where other fitness retreats are usually single-discipline (yoga, running, cycling for example), we offer a comprehensive mix of fun fitness activities that burn a lot of calories whilst helping to build your fitness the right way!

We’re not a bootcamp – there’s no pressure to beast yourself here. If you want to do that, cool – we can make it happen. If you’d prefer to come on a fitness holiday and keep active without turning every day into an intense training session, we can make that happen to. We host the holiday to cater to all levels of fitness, so you can choose your own adventure here.

On the Active Retreat we offer a couple of activities per day – these are a mixture of intensities and styles. Here’s a list of the kind of activities we do on the Active Retreat…

  • Circuit Training
  • Yoga
  • Mountain Biking
  • Surfing Lesson
  • Hiking
  • Dune Sprints
  • Flexibility Classes
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding

The holiday is set so when you book on with us, you’ve got a place on every session, so if you want to come here and train really hard – you can do. You can come on the Active Retreat and leave fitter, leaner and faster than you arrived. You could also decide to skip a few activities and nobody will think any less of you! Very few of our guests do every activity – if you did you’d train 12 times in the week you’d spend with us!

Why Vary the Activities?

We want the Active Retreat to be the kind of fun adventure holiday we’d like to go on ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with a yoga retreat or a walking holiday, it’s just not for us. We’d rather have a little more stimulation with our fitness holidays. Our founder, Steve is a personal trainer and has a vision of health and fitness that includes strength training, cardio, flexibility and fun, so we make that the order of the day on the Active Retreat.

The other thing is that by mixing the activities, we offer a huge variety of exercise experiences. A Fuerteventura fitness holiday should be just that – a chance to work on your fitness, whilst enjoying a holiday in the Canary Islands. We combine the experiences to make sure that the Active Retreat is the best fitness holiday we could put together for you. We use all of the available tools we have in terms of the landscape, the ocean, the terrain and the villa to make sure you have an immersive experience.

You’ll leave us having spent time on the beach, the volcanoes, the sand dunes and the towns. You won’t just come to Fuerteventura – you’ll experience it.

Inclusive Fitness Holiday Ethos

On the Active Retreat we want you to have the best experience you can, and that starts with easing your stresses. A lot of people may be concerned that they’re not fit enough to come on a fitness holiday, but you needn’t worry about that. All of our classes and activities are inclusive, so whether you’re an olympic athlete or an occasional weekend warrior, you’ll still benefit from the exercise and certainly won’t be left behind.

Our workout classes and circuits are adjusted to suit the level of the individual. If you’re really fit and want to push yourself, we can do that. If you’re new to training, we can make your class beginner friendly.

We also give you plenty of information about the intensity of the classes and activities, so you know whether or not you’d like to do them – some people miss out the bike ride for example, because it’s a long ride and has a fast downhill section. Other people will miss out the surfing lesson because they aren’t big fans of the water.

It’s your fitness holiday, you can decide what to do.

Why host a Fitness Holiday in Fuerteventura?

For a fitness holiday like ours, Fuerteventura is the PERFECT location! We looked at other options, but we settled on Fuerteventura for a number of reasons…

It has an AMAZING climate. The Canary Islands have year-round sun and with only 13 official days of rain per year, Fuerteventura has the best weather of them all. We host retreats in April and November and average 27 degree temperatures on both!

It’s quiet… We want our guests to enjoy the mixture of tranquility and excitement. On the Active Retreat our villa is in a private enclosure on the edge of a surf village. The nearest neighbour is 150 metres away. There’s no light pollution, it’s quiet and perfect to relax. We’ve also got an area to exercise in, so we do our circuits and yoga at the Retreat.

The roads are quiet too. We can drive to the different locations on the island that we need to and the traffic is never an issue. This is great for getting around, but it’s even better when we’re out on the bike ride – we don’t see much in the way of traffic on the roads!

The ocean is crystal-clear, is warm and full of tropical fish to swim with. The beaches are stunning – some of the best you’ll see in the world. They’re clean, uncrowded and easy to access. There’s a huge variety as well, so if you want seclusion, coves, deep water, big waves, small waves etc we can take you there! We use the ocean for our surfing and SUP lessons.

Food and drink are really cheap compared to the UK as well, with a large beer typically costing somewhere between €1 and €2.50. We feed you on the Active Retreat – you’ll have every brunch and 5 evening meals on site and we have a meal out on a couple of the evenings.

There’s a few reasons why we host our fitness holiday in Fuerteventura!

How can I find out more or book the Active Retreat?

That’s the easy part – you can email on and I can give you information on dates and prices. You can also have a look around the website so you can see a little more about what we do, where we do it and what the villa looks like. If you have any questions at all, just ask!

The Active Retreat is a great value, multi-discipline holiday with excellent food, accommodation and company thrown in. We’ve hosted 8 of them and never had bad feedback!

fitness holiday fuerteventura

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